Tesla Model Y plagued with quality issues

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Words: NZ Autocar
19 Jun 2020

It would appear that Tesla’s latest release, the much anticipated Model Y compact electric crossover, is garnering plenty of attention for the wrong reasons.

According to Electrek, significant numbers of new owners have been reporting quality control issues. This is to be expected initially, with early teething problems as production ramps up. However, most of these should have been ironed out in Model 3 production, given the Model Y is based on its lower riding stablemate.

The issues have been widely reported on forums, with some customers refusing to take ownership of their new vehicle. Tesla has even cancelled some deliveries due to quality issues. Part of the problem could be related to the shutdown of the Fremont factory during the coronavirus epidemic, while another is the rush to get vehicles out before the end of this financial quarter.

Evidently Tesla chief Elon Musk is aware of the build quality issues with assembly of Model Y, encouraging employees to reduce rectifications needed on these vehicles after they come off the production line.

In one case a customer refused to take the car he had ordered because of paint and trim problems, indentations in the seats, a loose seatbelt, and a rear seat that wasn’t attached at its base.

Many new owners are evidently taking advantage of Tesla’s seven-day return policy.

Electrek commented that Tesla’s Model 3 wasn’t without its initial build quality issues either but they weren’t as significant or numerous as with Model Y. It added that the company needs to take stock and sort the issue rather than focusing on maximising deliveries before the end of the financial quarter.


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