Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S named Car of the Decade

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 Jul 2018

Classic car maven Hagerty has named Tesla’s Model S its car of the decade.

Hagerty’s expansive list spans everything from pre-war luxury to hot rods to ultra-modern sports cars, and “highlights some of the brightest moments in automotive history.”

While the current decade isn’t quite dusted yet, the folks behind the list reckon there isn’t anything more coming that could challenge the Tesla Model S for top spot.

Hagerty’s Andrew Newton said: “Only one [car] has shown the world not only the efficiency and environmental advantages of electric power, but it has also shown the performance advantages of electric power and wrapped it all up in a sleek, appealing, and expensive-but-attainable package. In other words, only one has made the electric car cool, and that’s the Tesla Model S.”

Check out the final list below:


1890 – 1910: Ford Model T

1910s: Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

1920s: Duesenberg Model J

1930s: ’32 Ford

1940s: Jeep CJ

1950s: Mercedes-Benz 300SL

1960s: Ford Mustang

1970s: Lamborghini Countach

1980s: Dodge Caravan

1990s: Mazda Miata

2000s: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

2010s: Tesla Model S

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