Take a gander at Bond’s DB5 from No Time to Die

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Words: Josh Revell
26 May 2020

The release of the latest edition to the James Bond movie franchise – No Time to Die – has been postponed until later this year due to the pandemic. Despite this, we can still appreciate a behind-the-scenes look at the Aston Martin DB5 made famous by the 007 franchise.

YouTube channel, Carfection, took the helm of several DB5s used for filming, including those modified for stunt use. The producers created multiple knock-off versions of the real DB5 for filming, including one with an inline-six producing 300 horsepower and a CF body. Another is fitted with the infamous headlight guns while one example features body damage for chase scenes. Throughout the video, stunt driver Mark Higgins discusses what it’s like driving the classic Astons for the films.

At the end of the video, host Henry Catchpole gets behind the wheel of a modified DB5. Significantly lighter than the real thing, the movie car has a bit more spring in its step.

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