Suzuki Swift New Zealand’s most popular car

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Words: Nile Bijoux
19 Mar 2018

​Suzuki is on to a real hit with the latest Swift, with the small car a finalist in the World Car Awards and the top-selling vehicle in New Zealand over February.

The little hatchback topped sales charts across the country overall as well as leading the light passenger car segment for vehicles up to $25,000 with 37.1 per cent of the class.

Sales of new Swifts are up nearly seven percent in contrast to a 4.6 per cent fall in total passenger car sales.

Suzuki also captured 7.9 per cent of the combined new car and SUV market in February, ranking the brand fourth overall best seller. Meanwhile, the Swift has been named one of the top three finalists for the 2018 World Urban Car category of the World Car Awards (WCA). The winner will be announced at the New York International Motor Show on March 28.

Testing for the WCAs includes criteria such as emissions, safety, quietness, flexibility fun and suitability for city and open road use.

“This is the second year in a row that Suzuki has won enough votes to become a top three contender - and deservedly so,” said World Car of the Year juror, director and vice-chair, Mike Rutherford. “As our jurors have decided and as I have long suspected, Suzuki builds some of the finest small cars on the market.”

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