Survey says 40 percent of drivers likely to buy an EV in 5 years

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Words: Nile Bijoux
16 Jul 2017

A substantial survey from Dalia has revealed that about 40 percent of drivers across the world are planning to buy an EV car in the next five years.

Some 43,000 people over 52 different countries responded to the survey, and the results are very promising if you are a fan of electric cars. 

Currently the global market share for EVs is about one percent. The survey conductors picked a tough time too - with the new US administration, lower petrol prices Stateside and very few long-range affordable electric cars on the global market. 

On top of that, the "100 mile or less range" of vehicles are seen as overpriced, limited range-wise, "oddly" designed and small. A common observation found was that in most places the EV charging infrastructure is not good enough to support a proper revolution.

However, the results speak for themselves. In the United States, 31 percent said they plan to buy an EV within the next five years. Canada mirror this, and Mexico tops both countries with 39 percent of respondents likely to buy an electric car in the next half-decade.

China's number spikes right up to 58 percent, and based on the country's tough stance on carbon emissions paired with increasing EV offering, the number may even be higher five years down the track.

Thailand somehow betters China, with 66 percent planning to go electric, but it is a suprise to see Japan languishing at 16 percent. The country is more in favour of traditional hybrids (still retaining a petrol engine) and is looking out for a future hydrogen fuel cell market explosion.

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Over in Europe, Germany is very set in its ways. Only 22 percent of its citizens plan to go EV in five years, possibly aided by the fact that Germany's car makers have been generally sluggish on the EV uptake. 

Even in Saudi Arabia where the oil industry is massive, 45 percent of respondents said they are considering going electric within five years.

Averaging the results, four out of ten people surveyed are "likely" of "very likely" to buy an EV in five years. If these predictions come true, the current one percent global market could boost hugely. The results also prove that range anxiety is the biggest concern for buyers, so longer ranged vehicles paired with better charging infrastructure would do wonders for potential buyers reluctant to jump the fossil fuel ship. It will also depend on petrol prices - if they increase beyond realistic numbers, people might be more inclined to trade vehicles.

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