SkyActiv-X technology to be applied to rotary development

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Words: Nile Bijoux
17 Jul 2019

One of the biggest hurdles facing Mazda’s rotary engine is fuel efficiency. The powerplant makes good power but has a tendency to suck through petrol and oil while spitting flames out the back. Not an ideal scenario in today’s increasingly green world. However, Mazda may have a solution. According to Eiji Nakai, the executive officer in charge of Mazda’s powertrain development, the technology used in the SkyActiv-X engine can be applied to the rotary mill.

Speaking at the launch of the Mazda3 Skyactiv-X in Germany recently, Nakai said:

“That SkyActiv knowledge we are using and testing on the rotary engine. We cannot give you specific timing though.”

He wouldn’t be drawn into talking about any potential RX-9 but it sounds like Mazda is still pushing the development of the rotary engine with this in mind.

It sounds like Mazda is also making good inroads into rotary emissions. We recently covered some patents that apply to the rotary, namely a new side-port exhaust arrangement and a fresh turbocharger design. The latter is unique to the powerplant and suggests the engine will eventually be used to power some vehicle.




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