Skoda teases electric crossover before Geneva

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Words: Nile Bijoux
13 Feb 2019

Skoda has teased a sharp new crossover concept ahead of a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Dubbed the Vision iV, the concept takes the form of a crossover-coupe riding on chunky 22-inch wheels. Aero-friendly cameras replace the traditional side mirrors and the lack of a B-pillar could be a sign of freestyle doors.

The design focuses on sharp lines and edges, with a bluff nose. The standard Skoda grille is there too, despite the lack of a combustion engine, with large air intakes flanking.

As for power, the Vision E concept from 2017 had two electric motors with a combined 228kW and 500km of range. Skoda isn’t saying much about the iV’s powertrain but since the brand has already confirmed the Vision E will make production by 2020, its first MEB-based vehicle, the Vision iV could be the next step in the car’s evolution.

We’ll have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show to be sure.

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