Shelby Series 2 stuns in Paris

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Words: Nile Bijoux
4 Oct 2018

The Shelby Series 1 hit the streets in 1999, with 249 units built. However, what was intended to be the start of a new sports car line from Shelby was quickly canned due to financial constraints. Now though, nearly two decades later, it’s back as the limited edition Series 2.

Shelby American partnered with Wingard Motorsports to hunt down the remaining Series 1 chassis and parts a few years back and has worked to drop nearly 160kg from the car. Those interested in one can choose between billet aluminium, carbon fibre, or one even a titanium car body.

Under the hood, you’ll find a Ford V8 replacing the old 4.0-litre Oldsmobile V8 from the Series 1. The new car can accept either an aluminium 427 cubic inch FE big block or the Windsor small block. Each is backed up by a ZF five-speed transaxle. Shelby says the car can support over 800hp (nearly 600kW).

The Shelby Series 2 is built on the original aluminium honeycomb monocoque frame and uses an inboard cantilever suspension design for the front and rear. Penske Shocks helped with suspension tuning. The car uses six-piston calipers on all corners with custom 19” monoblock performance wheels shod in Pilot Cup 2 tires.

Inside is an excess of high quality leather paired with carbon fibre sports seats. The white infotainment/HVAC unit looks a bit out of place too.

“While the Shelby Series 2 is based on the first-generation car, it’s a significant leap forward,” said Gary Patterson, Shelby American President. “It blends old school craftsmanship and current technology, pushing the roadster into supercar territory. It is the perfect car for collectors and enthusiasts globally who want the ultimate in exclusivity and to be completely engaged with the driving experience.”

Four Series 2s will be built each year, and Shelby will offer a weekend driver training session at Spring Mountain Raceway near Las Vegas to eventual buyers.


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