Shelby GT500 will feature a different kind of noise cancellation

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Words: Nile Bijoux
20 May 2019

Ford’s forthcoming Shelby GT500 promises to be loud. It has multiple exhaust modes, ranging from burbly to “call Noise Control.” However, internal combustion engines make a lot of other sounds too, some of which detract from the aural experience. Ford has recognised this and has created a complex new noise cancellation system to help out.

It works by using an array of microphones under the hood of the GT500, which detects unwanted frequencies from the engine. The system then plays the opposite frequency back through the interior speakers, cancelling out the noise for occupants.

Engine sound can be broken down into ‘primary harmonics’ and ‘secondary harmonics’. Primary harmonics are sounds produced by the cylinders firing while secondary harmonics comprise most other noises in an engine bay, like accessory belts or intake noise.

Ford’s NVH team uses the noise cancellation tech to get rid of the secondary harmonics without impacting the desired primary harmonics or hurting performance by altering the exhaust system itself.

The drip-feed of Shelby GT500 information will continue until Q3 this year, when final details are scheduled to be released.

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