Shelby F-150 range now available in New Zealand

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Words: NZ Autocar
23 Jun 2020

Just when we were saying a few days ago that Ford’s F-150 isn’t available here, now Shelby New Zealand has changed all that.

The Matamata-based company has just advised that it will be converting and selling new right-hand drive Shelby F-150 trucks henceforth.

Sales Manager Ross Prevette confirmed that the company will be offering the entire line-up of Shelby F-150 trucks, and that includes the new supercharged 4x4 Super Snake Sport. This offers an output of 575kW from its 5.0L V8 and replaces the SVT Lightning.

This thing is a weapon, getting from stopped to 100km/h in a claimed 3.45sec. It’s said to get to 160km/h and back to zero again in 8.3sec. That’s smokin', especially for a truck. Naturally this has uprated suspension and brakes, along with 22-inch wheels fit for purpose.

If your need for speed isn’t that great, you could always make do with the Shelby F-150 4 x 4 Off Road model (below), the F-150 Super Snake Street Truck (bottom) or the high-rise dune-jumping F-150 Raptor (top). These are all based on Ford’s F-150 Supercrew cab configuration which can take up to five passengers.

Only a limited number of Shelby trucks can be built in any one year, and each is assigned a unique dash and engine bay plaque.

Once built, each vehicle is entered into the official Carroll Shelby Registry, ensuring it becomes relevant as a collectible from day one. That may in part explain why the first batch of RHD Shelby F-150s has already sold out so the company is now taking orders for future builds.

All Shelby NZ vehicles are LVVTA certified where applicable and carry a Shelby NZ three-year/60,000km warranty.

On pricing, Shelby NZ says that the pick-ups here cost similar to what they retail for in the US (after currency conversion), and then there’s the extra required for shipping and changing to RHD.

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