Seat teases upcoming Leon FR

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Words: Nile Bijoux
15 Jan 2020

Seat has released a teaser for its upcoming Leon FR, showing its full-width LED-adorned rear end.

The LED strip, which Seat is calling “coast to coast”, is similar to that of the Tarraco SUV, although this one is uninterrupted whereas the SUV’s strip splits in two above the ‘S’ badge. We can also see ‘Leon’ written out below the Seat moniker. 

A separate image offers a glimpse of the interior, where we can see a digital screen behind the steering wheel and another larger screen in the centre console. A thin red LED strip lines the cabin, mimicking the back of the car.

Seat’s hatch will come exclusively as a five-door model. Apparently, the new Leon will be bigger than its predecessor in both hatchback and wagon flavours, which should mean more cabin space for passengers, more load space for goods.

Expect a range of VW engines under the hood, while the hot Cupra Leon will use a plug-in hybrid power train based around a 1.4-litre TSI engine. Output will range “up to 245 horsepower” (183kW), while a potential Cupra Leon R could push that number beyond 220kW.

All the details for the standard Seat Leon will be revealed in two weeks on January 28.

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