Rob Huff proves E-Types can drift

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Words: Nile Bijoux
18 May 2018

When you think of drift cars, usually a 90s JDM import pops to mind. Probably slammed as far as possible, rear wheels cocked like a dog’s leg, and an exhaust louder than Dunedin in the middle of orientation week. A very rare and expensive 1961 Jaguar E-Type is probably not high on the list.

That didn’t stop 2012 World Touring Car Champion, Rob Huff, from having a go though, as this video shows. Uploaded March 18, it shows Huff gunning around a chilly Goodwood track at the wheel of the race-spec E-Type. Nosing at the rear end of a 1962 Ferrari 250 ‘Breadvan’, Huff decides the only way to pass is around the outside.

Judging by the slightly wobbly corner entry, it looks like the Huff may have actually overshot the braking marker, but never fear. A good stab of power, a dab of oppo’, and the E-Type rounded the corner with smoke flying off the rear wheels.

Then, not content with drifting a priceless racer just the once, Huff slings the Jag into the chicane slightly sideways before touching the shoulder and going nearly perpendicular. The commentators reacted in a typically British way - “well held, Rob.”

The car’s owner, Richard Meins, was reportedly not too bothered by Huff’s antics.



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