Rivian to build ‘bananas’ rally-like car

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Words: Nile Bijoux
6 Dec 2018

Hot on the heels of the truck and SUV reveals, Rivian has divulged details of a third new vehicle.

Reports from overseas suggest the latest model will be “bananas” in terms of performance, slotting in below the R1S SUV in terms of wheelbase. It’ll be lifted too, with plenty of ground clearance. Basically, it’ll be Rivian’s interpretation of a rally car.

The vehicle will use Rivian’s adaptable ‘skateboard’ chassis, which can underpin a range of models. The manufacturer’s CEO, R.J. Scaringe, mentioned that it could be used to build something like the R1T truck or a delivery van, or even a shuttle bus.

The architecture will be offered to other builders, as long as the product doesn’t compete. Scaringe has confirmed he has been approached by several brands, as well as non-car makers interested in stepping into the automotive world.

He added that any Rivian vehicle will blend on- and off-road performance, and a base level of functionality.

In good news for us, Scaringe confirmed right-hand drive models will be built. An exact release is still unknown but some rumours say 2021 could be the year.

The company will try to sell directly to the consumer where possible. In places it can’t, it will partner with existing dealers to offer sales, servicing, and support.

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