Rivian pick-up to get unique pull-out kitchen as an option

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Jun 2019

Rivian has confirmed its pull-out camping kitchen will be available as a launch option on its R1T pick-up truck.

The accessory was first shown at the Overland Expo in Arizona last month and many believed it would stay a concept, yet here we are.

Rivian’s R1T truck features a ‘gear tunnel’, a passage across the width of the truck underneath the nose of the tray. It has doors on either side for access that can fold flat to form steps for tray access.

This is where the kitchen resides, which pulls out to reveal a two-burner induction cooker that runs off the truck’s power supply as well as storage cupboards.

Rivian hasn’t offered a concrete storage size for the tunnel but, based on our keen eye, buyers could store a multitude of golf clubs, tools, fishing rods or other long-ish pieces of equipment.

The R1T will go on sale in 2020. Australia will be getting the truck while New Zealand remains unconfirmed.

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