Renault electrifies Captur and Clio

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Jan 2020

Renault has revealed a plug-in hybrid version of its Captur, slashing emissions and allowing up to 50km of electric driving, while also announcing a hybrid Clio.

The E-Tech version of the Captur combines a 1.6-litre four-cylinder with two electric motors connected to a 9.8kWh battery pack. One of the motors is a starter generator while the other drives the rear wheels. The French carmaker hasn’t revealed the total power output but the small SUV will be able to drive at up to 135km/h in electric-only mode for a WLTP-rated 50km before the petrol engine kicks in.

Interestingly, the unspecified gearbox doesn’t use a clutch as the rear-mounted motor drives the Captur off the line.

In terms of efficiency, Renault says the Captur E-Tech spits out 34g/km of CO2 and uses just 1.5L/100km.

The E-Tech powertrain has also been given to the new Clio, albeit with a smaller 1.2kWh battery and no plug-in facility. Power is thus regained via regenerative braking and Renault says around 80 per cent of urban driving can be completed in pure-electric driving mode, helping cut emissions. Compared to a typical Clio, the E-Tech Hybrid is up to 40 per cent more efficient, the carmaker claims.

The models form part of Renault’s plan to offer eight fully electric vehicles and a further 12 hybrid and plug-in models by 2022. The Captur and Clio go on sale in Europe later this month and are yet to be confirmed for the Kiwi market.

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