Rear-drive Audi R8 becomes regular member of the band

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Words: Nile Bijoux
7 Nov 2019

Last year, Audi revealed the RWS R8, a limited version of the supercar sans all-wheel drive. Evidently, it did quite well for the four-ringed brand, as Audi has announced it will become a permanent member of the R8 family.

Now called RWD (which makes more sense), the rear-wheel drive R8 will come in both Coupe and Spyder forms. You’ll be able to differentiate between the all-paw and RWD versions by the side blades as those on the RWD are half black and half body colour.

Other visual tweaks include the front blade, side sill inserts, and diffuser painted in glossy black, while the droptop can be had with an extended black appearance pack. Customers can further tweak their RWD R8s to their liking, such as adding a glossy black look for the four-ring logo.

Behind the driver’s head is the standard 5.2-litre atmospheric V10. It pushes 391kW and 560Nm towards the rear axle, the same as the previous RWS.

Thanks to ditching the quattro system, the R8 RWD weighs about 65kg less than the regular R8, coming in at a claimed 1595kg for the Coupe and 1695kg for the Spyder.

We haven’t heard about New Zealand pricing yet but Europeans will pay €144,000 for the Coupe and €157,000 for the Spyder.

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