Ram shows off fancy new tailgate

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Feb 2019

Ram has debuted a slick new four-way tailgate for its 1500 trucks at the Chicago Auto Show, designed to improve access to the tray.

Called the Multifunction Tailgate, it can open downwards like a traditional tailgate but also features a 60:40 vertical split, opening to the sides. Each door can open independently. This should make for easier access to things sitting deeper in the tray. Ram says each side can swing out to 88 degrees.

The manufacturer also says the split doesn’t affect the functionality of the tailgate in its standard configuration. It can still support 907kg (2000lbs) when down.

Don’t worry about access while a trailer is connected either - Ram says it should all still work just fine.

Buyers can also add a retractable step mounted a little to the left of centre to assist tray access further.

The Multifunction Tailgate will be available on all Ram 1500 models starting in the second quarter of 2019, for an extra $US995, while the retractable step adds a further $US295.

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