PSA unveils new eVMP platform for large EVs and hybrids

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Words: NZ Autocar
30 Jul 2020

The PSA Group is going large on EVs, literally, showing its new electrified eVMP platform that will underpin its C- and D-sector electrified vehicles.

Currently PSA makes use of CMP (see image below) and EMP2 “multi-energy” platforms. The former, for smaller vehicles, is appropriate for all forms of power, while the EMP2 is designed for internal combustion and plug-in hybrid powerplants.

Within five years, PSA will use two electrified platforms that are dedicated to non-ICE power. The first is the eVMP architecture for C- and D-segment large vehicles, both sedans and SUVs. A C-segment SUV will kick off eVMP proceedings in 2023.

It's for EVs with a range of 400-640km and will have battery packs of 60-100kWh “embedded” within the wheelbase. The platform can also support hybrid powertrains.

The eVMP (EV modular platform) is essentially an “extended carry-over” of the EMP2 platform and costs of development are reduced because it can be made on existing plants and production lines.

PSA’s head of R&D, Nicolas Morel, commented: “This global platform... meets the changing expectations of our customers and guarantees driving pleasure and safety on board.”

It is unclear whether the new eVMP platform would be utilised by FCA brands under the merged Stellantis group.

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