Bye-bye BRZ

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Words: NZ Autocar
31 Jul 2020

With the economic slowdown and the gradual waning in interest of sports cars, presumably because of their cost and impracticality, Subaru has called it a day for BRZ and it’s likely the same will happen for the sister car, Toyota’s 86.

Subaru announced that it is not taking any more orders for its BRZ, after an eight-year production run. The model hasn't been available new here for some time.

The rebadged Toyota 86 is produced on the same production line in Gunma, Japan, so will likely go the same way, though to date it remains available to order on Toyota's website.

However, there is some good news afoot, for both Subaru and Toyota are due to launch a new slightly larger sportster that will sit below the Supra and will use a 188kW 2.4L turbocharged flat-four engine.

Toyota’s version will be known as the GR86. Subaru is yet to divulge the badge it will attach to its version. Perhaps BRA?

Both will be underpinned by a new platform, likely a version of Toyota's TNGA architecture which can be adapted to a rear-wheel drive configuration, unlike Subaru's existing BRZ design.

Expect a much improved cabin, something that the smaller BRZ and 86 sibs have been criticised for in the past. More rear legroom would also be a plus. We’d expect to see the GR86 here at some point but don’t hold your breath for the BRZ replacement to come here any time soon.

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