Porsche Taycan scores poorly on US EPA range test

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Words: Nile Bijoux
17 Jan 2020

Porsche’s Taycan Turbo EV offers a respectable 447km under the WLTP test in Europe but the EPA in the US disagrees. Under its own test cycle, the Taycan managed 201 miles or 323km and the more powerful Turbo S fared even worse.

The S variant of Porsche’s first fully electric vehicle was rated at just 192 miles (309km), despite a 93.4kWh battery supplying the power. It’s also markedly down on the Tesla Model S Performance, which has a tested 348 miles (560km) of range from its 100kWh battery pack.

In fact, Tesla is the only automaker thus far to crack the EPA code. Jaguar’s I-Pace SUV is rated at 234 miles (376km) and Audi’s e-tron gets 204 miles (328km). An example of patriotism or is Tesla simply that good at managing power use?

Another Taycan variant, the 4S, is yet to be tested but will arrive in two different forms. The Performance gets a single-deck 79.2kWh battery, while the Performance Plus comes equipped with a double-deck 93.4kWh unit. That translates into a WLTP-rated 407km range for the former and 463km for the latter.

Porsche went a step further and hired independent testing firm ACMI to test both variants of Taycan Turbo and the results are much closer to the WLTP cycle, with 283 miles (455km) and 278 miles (447km) for the Turbo and Turbo S respectively.

The main takeaway is that the range of any vehicle will vary depending on throttle inputs, ambient conditions and the type of journey undertaken. As for the Taycan, we can expect it here sometime this year. Prices should be revealed sometime in March.


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