Porsche surprises Geneva with Cross Turismo EV

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Words: Nile Bijoux
8 Mar 2018

Porsche pulled a swiftie this week when they unveiled the Cross Turismo EV, a slightly rugged, all-wheel-drive wagon powered by electrickery.

The Cross Turismo uses the running gear of the electric Mission E, meaning two electric motors combining to produce 440kW of power. That means the wagon can blast from zero to 100km/h in under three and a half seconds, while the lunge to 200 takes less than twelve seconds. Top speed is 250kmh, for those curious.

It’s just shy of five metres long, meaning there’s plenty of space for the family and anything they care to take along for the ride. That AWD system plus jacked-up suspension, off-road tyres and beefy wheel arches mean the ride could be up a mountain, if the “sporty, active” buyers so choose.

Porsche is so keen on the Cross Turismo that CEO Oliver Blume has gone on the record as saying the concept could be in production “very soon.” Apparently the Cross Turismo is “road ready” now. However, given the Mission E won’t be upon us until 2019, the Cross Turismo is unlikely to be slope styling until at least 2020.

“We want to ensure utilization rate doesn’t trail off as the Mission E gets older, so we will bring a derivative just as we do with other model lines,” an unnamed Porsche executive told Automotive News Europe.


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