Porsche says the Taycan will out-launch the driver

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Words: Nile Bijoux
7 Oct 2019

Porsche is pretty proud of its Taycan EV. Good range, fast charging, brutal acceleration, it has it all. It’s even a record holder at the Nürburgring, even if the category currently only has a population of one.

One of the problems with launch control on conventional cars is that, typically, the car will only allow a certain amount of launches before the computer locks out the programme and forces the driver to wait until things cool down. With electric cars and the drastic reduction in moving parts the electric powertrain brings, drivers will be able to launch more often. In fact, the head of chassis development for the Taycan, Ingo Albers, is confident enough in the Taycan’s repeatability that he told Motoring.com.au that "the driver will wear out before the car does."

"You can do it long as you like - we say more than 10 times. We found out mostly the driver is the limit, not the car."

"After doing 20 or 25 launch control starts to 200km/h, you are tired, I promise!" he added.

New Zealand will be getting its first Taycans next year. If owners-to-be plan to wow their friends with sprints to 100km/h (and no further, officer) again and again, it might pay to hit the gym a few times beforehand.


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