Porsche promises big performance for 911 Hybrid

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Words: Nile Bijoux
29 Nov 2019

Porsche is pushing hard into electrification, with its Taycan EV sedan hitting markets soon and the Macan is also spawning a zero-emissions variant. It’s rumoured that the Boxster and Cayman duo will also go the way of the volt soon while Porsche’s favourite child, the 911, is expected to get a hybrid version as well.

Porsche boss, Oliver Blume, spoke to Top Gear and said the electrified 911 will become “the highest performing 911 of them all,” implying better performance than the epic GT2 RS (read our review right here). We’d expect some of the knowledge gained from the 919 Hybrid racer will trickle down to the 911 too.

It won’t be a plug-in hybrid though, so don’t expect much all-electric range. This was a decision by Porsche to keep overall mass down by having a smaller battery. We aren’t sure what the range will be, exactly.

Evidently the PDK gearbox has been reworked to allow torque of more than 800Nm, presumably from the engine itself, while Porsche’s sports car development boss August Achleitner hinted at the electric motor offering an extra 100kW and 400Nm. If Porsche use the 992-generation of Turbo S, power of the hybrid 911 could exceed 550kW.

It won’t be here any time soon though, with reports putting the earliest debut at 2022.

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