Pint-size muscle: Manhart unveils pumped up BMW M2 Comp

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Words: Matthew Hansen
28 Apr 2021

There’s little doubt that the current BMW M2 is going to be a future classic, and not because it doesn’t have the brand’s new big-grilled face.

The M2 is perceived by many as the M Division’s last ‘pure’ and analogue creation, with some four-wheel critics arguing that it’s the best M you can buy today. The addition of a Competition variant a few years ago only helped it, as did numerous favourable comparisons between it and the BMW-based Toyota GR Supra.

But there are always those wanting more, and if you’re a BMW-head who wants more go from their car then Manhart are a leading name. The BMW specialist tuning group has unveiled a new package for the M2 Comp, bringing new visuals and — obviously — more power.

It’s called the MH2 500, and Manhart only plans to build 10 of them. A new carbon fibre front lip, diffuser, and boot-lid do more than the sum of their parts to emphasise the short-wheelbase M2’s best visual features.

Each corner gets a new 20-inch rim, with sizings staggered front to rear (245/30 rubber up front, 285/25 rubber out back). Carbon tailpipes enhance the Bimmer’s inline six bark, and the whole thing sits a little closer to the ground than standard.

Naturally though the biggest change is in the power stakes. Output has increased from the standard car’s 302kW of power and 550Nm of torque to a fierce 381kW/516Nm. That makes the little MH2 500 more powerful than a Ford Mustang Bullitt, in a far smaller and lighter package.

This power increase comes by virtue of Manhart’s MHtronik control unit. No actual performance times have been published by Manhart, but we assume that the standard M2 Competition’s 4.3-second 0–100km/h time is well under threat.

A curious comparison might be to put one of these on an airstrip next to the new BMW M4. Power is almost equal, but the M4 needs to lug more weight. Make it happen, Manhart…

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