Peugeot says CO2 targets can be hit without EVs

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Words: Nile Bijoux
12 Apr 2018

The head of Peugeot has gone on the record as saying that a dedicated electric car is not needed for Peugeot to hit mandated CO2 targets.

Talking to Autocar UK, Peugeot chief executive, Jean-Philippe Imparato, discussed Peugeot’s upcoming electrification. Despite a downturn in diesel sales, Imparato says that “... We will absolutely hit our CO2 targets for 2021. And I don’t need to launch a [dedicated] electric car and make a loss to hit the targets; I will launch a mix of [powertrains] to protect my operation.”

This includes electrifying eight percent of the model line-up by next year and 50 per cent by 2020.

“The electric transition for Peugeot is not in the future, it is now. In the coming 10 years, I believe it is right to produce a dedicated electric model, but, in the next few years, I will have a modular platform because this will help us get maximum coverage of all the markets. It will give you the four energies: electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel.

As part of the same answer, Imparto seemed to hint at a car-sharing service in the works.

“I also want to create a full ecosystem of services for electrification. If you want to go on holiday or drive 620 miles, you must have a mobility solution to complete the ecosystem. Owners would not only have the one car, you would have access to our mobility ecosystem.”

Another topic touched on was automation. Following the Instinct Concept launched at the Geneva Motor Show last year, Imparato is wanting to give buyers the choice to drive or not. The Instinct Concept was largely autonomous with the ability to let the driver take over if they choose.

“If you are in a traffic jam, you will not drive because it will be boring. But if you decide to drive because you love that, you will be able to do this. Our first fully autonomous car will come like this in 2025.”

Peugeot, in contrast to siblings Citroen and DS, managed to sell 2,119,845 cars last year, growing its sales by 10.4 per cent. This is largely due to successfully launching the 3008 and 5008 SUVs.

“I want to make a profitable and sustainable business plan, with the correct mix of powertrains in order to cope with the regulations without losing money. We will be ready with our global ecosystem to meet the targets not just in 2021, but 2025 and 2030 as well.”


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