Peugeot considering putting e-Legend into production?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Oct 2018

Peugeot’s stunning retro-inspired e-Legend concept from the Paris Motor Show was originally destined to remain desktop-wallpaper-fodder in perpetuity but there’s hope it could see the light of day.

Peugeot’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, said that if the demand is there, the company will consider moving the e-Legend into production. Specifically, if a petition hits 500,000 signatures.

Interested? Here’s the petition.

And here’s a rundown of the concept, in case you missed it.

Styling s reminiscent of the 504 Coupe, with dual headlights and a squared-off non-functional grille. Little vents in the bonnet serve as another nod to the past, probably not functionally necessary as the concept is electric. There’s also a strip of black trim at the bottom of the rear pillar that’s actually a screen showing battery charge level.

Inside keeps the retro theme going, with a simple layout harking back to yesteryear designs. At the same time it’s also futuristic, with screens and a rotary knob replacing conventional controls. Elsewhere are 29-inch screens in the doors and 12-inch displays in the sun visors. There’s even a huge 49-inch curved display and, together with other screens plastered all over the cabin, the e-Legend has a total of 16 displays of different sizes.

Providing power is a 100kWh battery, good for 600km of range under the new WLTP cycle. If you’re in a rush, 25 minutes of fast charging nets you 500km of distance.

All those volts are sent to both axles for a combined 340kW and 800Nm, sufficient for a sprint to the legal open road limit in less than four seconds. Top speed is 220km/h.

Four drive modes are offered, two autonomous and two human-focused: Soft or Sharp, and Legend or Boost.

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