Peugeot boss pushing hard on electrification

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Apr 2019

Peugeot has been the main driving force behind PSA’s booming sales performance. The 3008 and 5008 SUVs have sold in droves globally while smaller vehicles like the 2008, 208 and 308 still pull respectable numbers. Now, Peugeot is readying a fully-electric version of the 208 along with hybrid variants of the 508 and 3008. CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, is pushing the green agenda hard.

The e-208 will be the French manufacturer’s first go at selling a mass market electric vehicle. Imparato reckons a combination of the car’s interior and exterior design (shared with the petrol-powered 208), an eight speed automatic (the first in the segment) and residual value will draw in buyers. He wants to switch from a focus on the MSRP [manufacturer's suggested retail price] to TCO [total cost of ownership] and leasing. In some places, depending on incentives and emissions taxes, the e-208 will cost the same as an automatic petrol model.

In fact, in Europe Peugeot will offer the petrol 208 for for 269 euros a month, diesel for 289 euros and electric for 299 euros over a 48-month lease.

Of course, that model is all well and good in a place where electric infrastructure is supported and going from strength to strength. It’ll be another story here, if we even get the e-208. More on that later this year.

Meanwhile, the high-performance 508 Sport will go into production for a late-2020 launch. It will feature hybrid technology offering system power somewhere in the region of 260kW.

A production version of the beautiful e-Legend concept is also on the cards but yet to be officially sanctioned. Imparato wants to prioritise hybrid models over fully electric models right now, as bringing the e-Legend to showrooms will cost around 250 million euros. “Finding 20,000 customers at about 80,000 euros a car isn't so easy,” he said to overseas media.

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