Opel reveals Corsa-e rally beasty

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Words: Nile Bijoux
23 Aug 2019

Opel has revealed a new electric rally car that will form the basis of a one-make championship.

It’s called the Opel Corsa-e and its single motor is good for 100kW/259Nm fed by a 50kWh battery. It won’t set the world on fire in terms of speed, at least compared with combustion-powered rally machines, given it also weighs around 1400kg, but it should still make for good racing amongst up-and-coming drivers.

The Corsa-e has an integrated roll cage and there’s extra underbody protection as well. Opel says the suspension has been “significantly” upgraded, although details are scarce. It’s possible to adjust the rear brake pressure, which is “especially adapted for [energy] recuperation,” the brand says.

Mention of which, stoppers consist of four-piston calipers at both ends, clamping 232mm discs up front and 264mm discs at the back. There’s also a hydraulic handbrake for sharper hairpins. The standard instrument cluster has been ditched for a proper motorsport-spec display with a data logger system. ESP and traction control have been retained, but the car no longer has ABS.

About 15 e-Corsa Rally machines will compete in the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup in 2020, with each car costing “less than €50,000”.

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