Old Honda Civic Type R sells for an incredible $127,000

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Words: Matthew Hansen
15 Sep 2020

While most of the focus has been on things like Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and Toyota Supras, the increasing prices of old-school Japanese performance cars is hitting Hondas hard, too.

Initially, crazy prices on Hondas was a uniquely American thing. But now the trend appears to be in full swing in Japan, following the six-figure sale earlier this year of a first-generation ‘EK9’ Type R. And now another old Type R has broken the six-figure barrier.

Before we dig into it, a brief history lesson. Back in 2007 Honda in Japan, with its friends at tuning company Mugen, decided to make a stripped back, hardened, tweaked track-focused, limited edition version of the Japanese domestic market Civic Type R — the four-door ‘FD2’.

They called it the Mugen RR, and it implemented a heap of tech that was ahead of its time — particularly for something based on a humble Civic. Carbon fibre panels and an aluminium bonnet carved off weight. A wider track, a sticker Bridgestone compound, and five-way adjustable suspension gave its footprint more stability.

There was a 12kW power bump, too, via new camshafts, stiffer valve springs, a ram air intake, and a dual exhaust system among other changes. This made for an overall output of 177kW. And if you wanted to stop for some reason, it had new slotted brake discs too — complemented by carbon fibre cooling ducts up front.

I bring all this up to underline that the RR wasn’t just a lick of paint (each did come exclusively in Milano Red, mind you). Just 300 were produced and, according to reports from the period, they were all sold out online in just 10 minutes.

Anyway, a sharp-looking 2007 Mugen RR [pictured] with 40,000km on the odometer went up for auction in Japan yesterday. When the virtual gavel dropped, it emerged with a sold price of ¥9,020,000 — or $127,777. That’s well over the price of two current Civic Type R ‘FK8s’ put together, and enough to buy five normal Civic Type R FD2s with a bit of change for oil.

What makes the sales price particularly stunning is that it wasn’t exactly the nicest example. Auctioneers deemed it to have a body grade of 3 (according to the car’s documents the body it littered with little imperfections) and an interior grade of D. What’s more, that price isn’t inclusive of any taxes or shipping fees.

Once those are factored in, the overall price should be well over $130,000.


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