NZTA head delivers scathing self-assessment after WoF scandal

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Words: Nile Bijoux
14 Dec 2018

The chairman of the NZTA has slammed the agency, and is predicting further exits as a result of the recent WoF controversy.

Chairman Michael Stiassny, appointed earlier this year, confirmed he was expecting more resignations as a result of the scandal, the cost of which will approach $5 million.

After Fergus Gammie quit earlier this week, Stiassny said it would be “more than likely” others will leave as well. The exodus will partly be due to Gammie’s team leaving with their leader, and partly due to people not wanting to be a part with the regulatory function and the way it will operate.

Apparently, Gammie did little to change the way NZTA operated as its leader, despite there being a problem with how it acted as a regulatory. Stiassny said that Gammie inherited the systems with issues but left it “as it was”.

The Ministry of Transport, which is tasked with monitoring NZTA, said that while it was not aware of the finer issues at the agency, it felt there were problems afoot. It also added that it couldn’t categorically say if it would pick up cases like the NZTA scandal going forward, as it is not its job to look at individual cases.

That said, the MoT is currently holding its own external investigation into the NZTA. Its reviewers will be independent of the Ministry.

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