NSW rolling out mobile phone detection cameras

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Words: Nile Bijoux
2 Dec 2019

New South Wales is rolling out mobile phone detection cameras, one of the first such programmes in the world.

“It’s a system to change the culture,” NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy told Australian media last week.

The system uses day/night cameras that work in all weather conditions to take photos of drivers. Artificial intelligence is used to review images and determine if they are using devices at the wheel. Images that get flagged are sent to authorised personnel for verification.

For the first three months, NSW will send warning letters without a fine to those snapped, before penalties of $AU344 and five demerit points are issued from 1 March 2020. In school zones, the fine increases to $457 and during double demerits periods, 10 points are issued.

The system’s introduction comes after 329 people have died so far in 2019 on NSW roads, compared with 354 fatalities for the year of 2018. Ultimately, NSW officials want to reduce road fatalities by 30 per cent come 2021.

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