Nissan will only make a hybrid or electric Z if customers want it

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Words: Matthew Hansen
16 Sep 2020

In the wake of today’s announcement and reveal of the Nissan Z Proto, the biggest question has been powertrains.

An electrified version of the firm’s next sports car seems likely, given Nissan’s history in producing electric vehicles and the emerging era of hybrid sports cars. But, those expecting the imminent announcement of an electrified Z may need to hold their breath.

Speaking to Australasian press, Nissan GT-R and Nismo product specialist Tamura-San confirmed that the firm has investigated production of an electrified alternative to internal combustion engines. But, he also admitted that the production of these models requires market demand.

“If customers strongly request an EV or hybrid solution, we will do that. But, is that the answer?” he said. “Every solution must be considered for customers. It depends on the customer's voice. [...] We are thinking about many ways, many directions.”

Building a sports car with enthusiast requirements at its core appears to have been a priority for Nissan, with Tamura-San noting that a third of 370Zs sold today are sold with a manual transmission. He also confirmed that an automatic version is also on the way.

Tamura-San noted that the manufacturer had made changes to the Z’s platform — a revised version of the FM platform that underpins the current 370Z and previous 350Z. But, he stopped short of confirming whether those changes make the platform hybrid or EV ready.

For the moment, the only engine details Nissan has confirmed are that the Z Proto comes with a twin-turbo V6 engine. It’s rumoured that this engine is likely to be the 298kW/475Nm 3.0-litre from the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400, although more powerful versions could be on the cards.



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