Nissan plans an even bigger electric SUV than Ariya

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Words: NZ Autocar
28 Jul 2020

After its ‘medium-sized’ Ariya electric SUV launches next year, Nissan's third EV will be a large SUV using the same dedicated CMF-EV platform, and offering around 500km of range.

A large SUV is the most obvious next EV move for the brand, given the demand for such vehicles in China and the US is expected to keep growing. Moreover, Nissan’s new role in the Alliance is to head up development of large vehicles.

Nissan Europe’s EV chief, Helen Perry, said that the medium and large SUV segments are expected to triple over the next three years. Hence, the decision to build Ariya and the larger SUV.

The company is on track to have half of its vehicles electrified by 2025. Whether the new biggun launches before then is unclear. Few details are available on the large EV, though it features styling influences from the Nissan IMs concept of 2019 (below).

Perry told Autocar UK that the COVID-19 factor has made customers review what’s important, and emissions seem to be more front of mind than formerly.

On the topic of range, Perry commented that 500km is considered essential for this type of vehicle, and is one of the reasons Ariya has switched to the CCS charging solution in Europe, instead of the Leaf’s Chademo connection. She said that Ariya will be used for more long-distance work, and CCS offers the broadest access for quick charging in Europe.

The only negative is that CCS doesn’t support vehicle-to-grid charging, at least not as yet, and it is an area that the company is keen to grow.

A family of Nissan models will use the CMF-EV architecture given the significant investment involved in development of the platform.

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