Nissan may kill GT-R and 370Z in Europe

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Words: Josh Revell
22 May 2020

As car makers across the globe look to implement cost-saving measures to cope with the effects of the pandemic, some are even looking to axe prominent models from their range.

Rumours abound Nissan will overhaul its line-up of vehicles in Europe by axing the 370Z, GT-R and Navara, with an official announcement expected as early as May 28. The move would help the company meet emissions regulations too.

Meanwhile, Renault would handle small cars and commercial vehicles as both companies would share technology. However, models would be developed separately to keep them distinctive.

According to Reuters, Europe accounts for only around one-tenth of Nissan's business around the world, and the company doesn't expect that to change. Sources close to the publication report "We need to be in Europe to keep up with regulations and keep our technology competitive, even though we cannot go for exponential growth.”

Renault also is looking at axing certain models to cut costs, including the Alpine A110 sports car as previously reported.


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