Nissan Leaf to gain a high-rise stablemate

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Words: NZ Autocar
28 Apr 2020

At long last it looks as if the Leaf won’t be the only EV that Nissan makes, if the production version of the twin-motor Nissan Ariya concept happens, as is suggested by Auto Express.

Evidently some images of patented digital models have given a clear indication as to how the company’s new electric SUV will look.

The headlight and grille treatment remain fairly faithful to the 2019 concept, but details around the bumper are different.

The overall profile also looks recognisable while the charging port is integrated into the front wing in a simpler fashion. Expect smaller rims than the concept’s 21-inch items. LED lights should feature, as will a full-width rear light bar.

Nissan designers suggest that the blue highlights of previous electric vehicles will turn copper-coloured for the Ariya.

At 4600mm long, the concept is X-Trail size, though its 2775mm wheelbase is a few inches longer. Therefore, expect huge interior space, partly due to a flat cabin floor facilitated by the packaging benefits of an electric platform. The air con unit moves to an under-bonnet area, freeing up more space for front seat passengers.

Underpinning the electric high rider is the CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance, also the basis for a Renault electric SUV previewed here a few weeks ago.

Expect a motor for each axle to give four-wheel drive but details of power and range are yet to surface.

Semi-autonomous tech is sure to feature with Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 system allowing hands-free single-lane driving, and overtaking manoeuvres.

A launch date for mid-2021 is likely.


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