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Nissan Leaf Zapped

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Words: Peter Louisson
10 Jan 2019

As Nissan had kind of promised, a second-generation Leaf with extended range, designated Leaf e+, has been announced at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. However, it would appear to be a special edition rather than a model-wide update.

Back the bus up before year end 2018, and we’d just driven the second-generation Leaf that was meant to be arriving here through official channels midyear. At that time, the company hinted it was working on a model with more range (320km) thanks to a 60kWh battery pack, allowing it to compete better with Kona Electric (400+km).

Well they’ve now now delivered and in fact the new model gets a 62kWh battery pack, still passively cooled, with what the company claims is a WLTP-compliant 382km range (up from 243km).

Moreover, there’s been a power boost, up from 110 to 160kW, and torque rises from 320Nm to 340Nm. Top speed evidently increases by 10 per cent to almost 160km/h, for what that’s worth, and it’s supposedly 13 per cent quicker on the 80-120 overtake test.

The pack itself is only slightly larger than that in the 40kWh car. Extra capacity derives from denser cells and more of them, up from 192 to 288. The modest increase in the dimensions of the battery pack means the Leaf e+ rides slightly higher than the 40kWh version.

This latest battery can be replenished by 100kW fast chargers, meaning a 40min top up to 80 per cent, much the same as the current model using a 50kW fast charger.

Inside, there’s a larger colour touchscreen, at last, hurrah, and better navigation. Pick the latest Leaf by its blue-hued headlights.

No pricing has been released as yet; expect that midyear.

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