Nissan confirms release date for its new ‘400Z’

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Words: Matthew Hansen
11 Jun 2021

Few cars have been submerged in as much gossip and leaks as Nissan’s next-gen Z car sportster. And finally, some nine months after it debuted in its prototype ‘Proto Z’ guise, Nissan has confirmed when it will release the model for real.

The production version of the Proto Z, tipped by some to be called the 400Z, is set to take place on August 17 at the New York Auto Show. For Kiwis, this means it will be revealed on August 18 our time.

Nissan didn’t include any other confirmed details in the announcement, leaving all the existing loose ends still unanswered.

The production version of the Proto Z is rumoured to look almost identical to its concept equivalent. Leaked patent drawings and pictures purporting to show production variants being jetted around the world corroborate the idea.

The other big piece of the puzzle to be confirmed is the engine. The donk from the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport has been all but confirmed for the model. It produces 400hp (298kW), hence the rumoured 400Z nomenclature, and 474Nm of torque.

A well publicised online post containing a long list of 400Z rumours included the idea that it probably wouldn’t be called the 400Z at all — more likely it would simply be called the Nissan Z in western markets and the Fairlady in its native Japan.

The speculative post went, reported on in March, on to say that the 400Z borrows quite a lot from its 370Z predecessor; including its 6-speed manual and the majority of its architecture — which gains some added aluminium, bracing, and carbon fibre elements. The manual could be joined by a 9G-Tronic automatic sourced from Mercedes-Benz as part of Nissan’s alliance with the German brand.

The update went on to say that a Nismo variant that’s supposedly more ‘serious’ than the last one is in the pipeline, too. And, the model tips the scales with a dry weight of 1,475kg. But, maybe the most interesting element of the story is where Nissan is supposedly sourcing its automatic transmission.

Still, this is all speculation until the car is formally released. We’ll see you there on Wednesday, August 18.

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