Nissan Australia wants one-third of its volume electrified

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Words: Nile Bijoux
4 Oct 2018

In the medium term, Nissan Australia’s wants around 33 per cent of its volume to us electric technology.

The expected spike in interest and sales of electrified vehicles will be headed by the Leaf, and Nissan Australia managing director, Stephen Lester, reckons introducing more electric alternatives will help the company going forward.

“Electrified vehicles will represent a third of Nissan volume in Australia during our mid-term plan,” said Lester.

“By introducing more electric alternatives on several of our key models, we will make mass market electrification a reality.

“I have no doubt electric vehicles will be a success here, and sooner than many think. Nissan is planning for this now to ensure we meet the future needs of the buyer.”

While range anxiety is a major consideration for EV buyers in Australia, internal global research shows that existing owners treat vehicle and mobile phone recharging similarly.

“Charging is a simple act and many EV owners tend to charge their vehicle like they charge their mobile phones in preparation for the next day, by doing it overnight,” added Lester.

“A study by Zero Carbon Australia tells us that, on average, city-based drivers have a 38km daily commute, so daily re-charging is not necessary.

“Also, with a conscious mindset of overnight charging well in place thanks to mobile phones, most Australians are unlikely to have range issues.”

Meanwhile, global demand for the new generation Nissan Leaf means that New Zealand-bound cars are unlikely to arrive before the end of the first quarter in 2019.

“We’ve just started the process for bringing the new Leaf to New Zealand, but due to the incredible 40,000 orders received for it already, we anticipate the car won’t arrive until the end of the first quarter in 2019,” said Nissan New Zealand managing director John Manley back in February.

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