Next Focus ST to use current RS engine

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Words: Nile Bijoux
24 Apr 2018

The fourth-gen Ford Focus was revealed earlier this month, boasting a new platform, more technology, and rather sharp looks. While no mention of the hotter ST variant was made, a new report suggests it will arrive next year with a bigger engine.

Autocar UK reckons that instead of using a smaller engine, like the 1.5-litre triple found in the Fiesta ST, Ford is slotting in the same 2.3-litre four found in the current Focus RS. The firms thinking is that reliability would go out the window when trying to increase power over the Fiesta ST’s 150kW when using a smaller engine.

The Focus RS packs 240kW as standard, but expect that to be downgraded slightly for the ST. However, in association with an 88kg weight reduction and stiffer chassis, it should make the hot hatch a proper little fire breather.

Ford is also expected to ditch the automatic and go manual-only, which is fantastic news for car nuts, but one has to wonder about the economic repercussions from such a decision. Manuals may sell in Europe but not so much elsewhere.

The upcoming Focus ST will be the most powerful version of the Focus in the short term, and likely the final version of the hot hatch powered exclusively by petrol. The next-generation Focus RS arriving in 2020 will feature a 2.0-litre engine with a hybrid powerplant, said to offer a combined 298KW.


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