New rotary sports car languishing without ‘time frame’

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Words: Nile Bijoux
10 Jun 2019

Another day, another rotary rumour. This one stems from an interview with Mazda CEO, Akira Marumoto, who revealed some not-so-good news about a potential RX-9 sports car.

According to the CEO, Mazda kept developing the rotary engine after the RX-8 was phased out. The only confirmed new application for the rotary will be in range-extender form for upcoming EVs but that’s not what rotang fans want.

Unfortunately, Muramoto said that while everyone at Mazda wants another vehicle powered by a rotary engine, “given the number of things we have to do, we had to put this on the back burner, and we have no time frame.”

That means that, unless Muramoto is pulling a fast one on us, a new RX car is still just a dream.

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