New Mazda turbo rotary patent discovered

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Words: Nile Bijoux
27 Jun 2019

Some new Mazda patents have emerged, showing a new exhaust arrangement, various architectural improvements for both piston and rotary engines as well as a rotary-specific turbocharger design.

The new side-port exhaust is reportedly designed to create a scavenging effect for improved intake efficiency, in a similar way to the 4-2-1 exhaust used on the current SkyActiv-G and X engines.

However, more interesting is the turbine-style turbocharger. It looks to be designed specifically for rotary applications, hinting at the existence of a new rotary-powered sports car. The spinning engine will emerge first as a small-capacity range extender. Such a small engine wouldn’t need a turbo so it stands to reason that Mazda wants to use the rotary as the primary powerplant in an upcoming vehicle.

As well as finding ways in which to improve efficiency, the company has discovered methods to boost performance and help remove soot and water from the rotor chamber.

The last we heard, Mazda’s CEO had put a rotary sports car on the back burner, saying that “given the number of things we have to do… we have no time frame.” However, the new patents show that the manufacturer’s engineers are still hard at work trying to make the rotary play nice in a greener age.

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