New Jazz Hybrid detailed

New Jazz Hybrid detailed

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Words: NZ Autocar
13 Feb 2020

Honda unveiled a new Jazz at the Tokyo Show last year, a hybrid powertrain again included in the line-up. While the new model is yet to be confirmed for our market, it will end up on our roads one way or the other, if you get our meaning.

Details of the new hybrid powertrain peg the Jazz as recording 4.5L/100km on the WLTP test, with emissions of 102g/km. The hatch is set to go on sale in Europe soon, where Honda says all of its cars will feature electrified powertrains by 2022.

The Jazz e:HEV features a newly developed hybrid unit, comprising two electric motors (one a generator) connected to a 1.5-litre petrol four. Volts are provided by a lithium-ion battery, while there’s a single fixed-gear transmission and everything is overseen by a central power control unit.

Total output is rated at 80kW and it’s claimed to register 100km/h in 9.4sec. The electric propulsion motor can spin to 13,300rpm and generates up to 253 Nm for ‘substantial low-speed acceleration’.

The control unit selects from three interchangeable drive modes: EV Drive, Hybrid Drive where the engine powers the electric generator motor, which in turn supplies it to the electric propulsion motor and there’s Engine Drive. Here the petrol engine is connected directly to the wheels via a lock-up clutch. Honda says the transition between modes has been engineered to be as seamless as possible.

They tell us that during urban driving, Jazz switches between EV and Hybrid modes, while at highway speeds, Engine Drive is used. The electric motor can be called upon to ‘boost’ torque briefly for added acceleration. Battery recharging is done via regenerative braking while in Hybrid Drive, any excess power can be diverted to the battery.

Honda believes its single-speed gearbox gives the Jazz a ‘smoother transfer of torque and a linear feel during acceleration’. It’s claimed the transmission is more compact and refined than the usual e-CVT of other hybrids.

Honda says its hybrid bits don’t impinge on interior space, with 298 litres of boot capacity (expandable to 1203L), while the fuel tank still lives under the front seats to enable the retention of the Magic Seat.

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