New Audi RS 6 ‘flippers’ trying sell cars for huge mark-up

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Words: Matthew Hansen
8 Oct 2020

The 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant has been a global performance phenomenon for a few reasons. The main one of these is the very fact that it’s a performance wagon — a vehicle genre that many enthusiasts believe to be all but dead. It also marks the seemingly victorious return of the nameplate to the US after a lengthy hiatus.

That return has naturally been hyped up to a high degree, underlined by lengthy ad campaigns and extensive media coverage. And now it’s created a world where some are buying RS 6s specifically to flip off online for a huge profit.

In the US, RS 6 prices start at US$109,000 ($165,990), with the North American exclusive limited edition one-of-25 Avant RS Tribute priced at US$137,845 ($209,900).

A barely driven Avant RS Tribute has recently made headlines in the US, having been listed online with a wild mark-up price. Its Navarra Blue and carbon-fibre optioned exterior is complemented by Audi’s ceramic brake package and a raft of other options. Topping it off is the number on the odometer. It’s completed just 335 miles (539km).

The price for all of this luxury and performance? The seller has listed their RS 6 for sale on Autotrader, for the price of US$207,000 ($315,400).

It’s not the first time this has happened in the US. When the Honda Civic Type R FK8 first landed in the US, after almost two forbidden fruit decades, mark-up culture was rife even at a dealership level. Early Tesla Model 3s and Dodge Demons (two cars occupying very different positions on the performance car spectrum) also received similar treatment.

On the plus side, the trend at least shows a demand for wagons in the US is possible. Perhaps there’s some life left in the segment after all?

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