More unmarked cop cars on the way

More unmarked cop cars on the way

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Words: NZ Autocar
14 Jul 2020

NZ Police is to roll out a fleet of unmarked cars that it says will support its ability to prevent deaths and injuries on the road.

Acting National Manager for Road Policing, Inspector Peter McKennie, said “Unmarked vehicles are particularly effective in detecting high risk behaviours such as driving while not wearing seatbelts, driving while impaired, driving distracted, and travelling at unsafe speeds.

“We know that speed has the biggest impact on the outcome of a crash – whether you walk away, or are carried away.

“That is why we unapologetically continue to focus on stopping people speeding on the roads.”

Over the next three months, motorists will start seeing unmarked Holden Equinox vehicles patrolling the roads around New Zealand, with a total of 24 unmarked vehicles being used to deter risky driving.

The vehicles will come in a range of colours, so will blend in with any other car on the road. This means motorists should be mindful that any other car driving around them could be an official police vehicle.

“The vast majority of road users simply want to get through their journeys safely. These vehicles increase our ability to ensure that Police can more effectively deter, detect and apprehend those who put people’s safety at risk, including those who habitually drive in an unsafe manner but modify their driving in the presence of marked Police vehicles,” concluded McKennie.

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