More range, more speed: Tesla reveals changes to 2021 Model 3

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Words: Matthew Hansen
20 Oct 2020

The updated 2021 Tesla Model 3 features a hefty extension to the electric car's already ample range figures, a sinister tweak to the exterior trim, and a handful of other changes as the firm looks to build upon the model's global momentum.

New Zealand is set to get three Model 3 variants; the Standard Range Plus, the Long Range, and the Performance. Each sports a respectable increase in range over outgoing models. All three can be ordered today. 

The entry level Standard has its range increased from 460km per charge to 490km, while the flagship Performance increases from 560km to 628km. And the mid-level Long Range, as you'd expect, is still rated the best of the bunch at a dizzying 657km. 

Local pricing remains untouched. The Model 3 still starts at $74,900, with the Long Range and Performance priced at $92,900 and $101,900, respectively. That may sound like a significant wad of money, but remember that this was New Zealand's fourth best-selling car in September according to Motor Industry Association registration data. 

The growth in range also means a slight improvement in performance. The flagship model is now one tenth of a second quicker to 100km/h, hitting the marker in a mere 3.3 seconds. The Long Range and Standard Range perform the same feat in 4.4 seconds and 5.6 seconds, respectively. 

From a visual standpoint, you need to be a bit of a Tesla buff to spot the firm's tweaks. But they are there. All of the exterior chrome has been swapped out for black, and the model comes with a new line-up of wheel options. These include the 20-inch 'Superturbine' wheels from the Model Y, which are fitted to the Performance variant. 

Inside, there's a new centre console which trades the scratch and finger-print magnet piano black paneling for a more agreeable matte finish. Tesla has tweaked the wireless phone charger area, and updated the primary screen. 

Other tech updates are minimal, but remember; the Model 3 inherits over-the-air updates on a constant basis. 


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