More details confirmed for Audi e-tron GT supercar eater

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Words: Matthew Hansen
18 Nov 2020

While it’s yet to be formally unveiled in full production form, Audi’s fully electric e-tron GT is already making waves in the New Zealand market.

According to Audi New Zealand general manager Dean Sheed, there has already been an impressive number of expressions of interest in the model from likely buyers, despite the lack of a full unveiling or a full overseas launch programme — the latter impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at its Audi RS Range drive-day event at Hampton Downs yesterday, Sheed confirmed that orders for the e-tron GT will open in February 2021. The first cars are then scheduled to arrive locally in June or July.

Audi dealerships all over the country are geared up for the e-tron GT, and other electric vehicle projects scheduled to come down the pipe. Following renovations nationwide, all dealerships now feature a 50kW DC charger as a minimum. Selected dealerships have a more powerful 175kW DC fast charger — ideal for the GT, which is compatible with chargers up to 350kW.

As previously reported, Sheed also confirmed at the event that New Zealand ranks among the world’s leaders for intake of Audi S and RS performance models, with sales of the pair making up over 40 per cent of this year’s total registrations for the marque locally.

Audi recently announced revised power and performance figures for the e-tron GT, via its pre-production prototype vehicle detailed in camouflage earlier this month. It features the same dual-motor set-up as the Porsche Taycan it shares its architecture with — on overboost producing up to 475kW of power and 830Nm of torque. Out of overboost, that power figure decreases to produces 440kW.

This is less than the Taycan Turbo S’s 560kW/1050Nm, but more powerful than the Taycan Turbo’s 500kW/850Nm. Top speed of the e-tron GT is limited to 250km/h, and the sprint to 100km/h is done in 3.5 seconds according to Audi’s claims. That’s not bad for a car which reportedly weighs 2.3 tonnes.

It’s expected that the production e-tron GT will adopt most of the features of the prototype, which itself shares a lot of styling cues with the original concept vehicle. Local pricing and specs are naturally still to be confirmed.

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