More bonkers British cars promised

More bonkers British cars promised

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Words: NZ autocar
1 Aug 2020

Eccentric UK-based car firm, David Brown Automotive, has got a new majority shareholder, UK Advanced Industrials Ltd.

Yes, you’ve probably never heard of them either but the new investor is said to be bringing plenty of money to the table and it has the firm saying it will result in “a period of growth and exciting new model launches”.

So just what does DBA make? Well, only two cars presently, a weirdo Speedback GT that looks like a DB5, and the Mini Remastered.

The new investors will take a hands-on approach to the company and a new CEO is said to have had experience in senior positions at Ford, Honda and Aston Martin.

A statement read: DBA “epitomises style and luxury and we look forward to developing additional marques and platforms to meet the demands of a discerning clientele. Bespoke craftsmanship is core to the David Brown Automotive brand, as is a level of customer service that sets the standard for a luxury automotive business in the UK. As the company grows and expands, its dedication to these core values will be central to everything it does.”

The Speedback GT dates back to 2013 and is said to cost upward of £600,000. In 2017, the company introduced a range of Mini Remastered models which start at £90,000.

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