Modified Toyota Prius looks ready for the apocalypse

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Words: Matthew Hansen
27 Apr 2021

In these Covid-19, travel restricted, Tik-Tok times, one might be tempted to think the end of the world is nigh. And, as far as end-of-times motoring is concerned, this is perhaps one of the best options out there. Particularly if you want to stay green.

This army green Toyota Prius is not an apocalypse car, just so we’re clear. A hunter in Texas commissioned a firm called Starwood Customs to convert his Uber rider into a practical vehicle for hunting. And this is the result.

While the front of the Prius has had some treatment, the most significant mods are all around the back. The rear hatch has been slashed off in favour of a rear hunting platform. This allows hunters to point themselves towards the sky at winged wildlife.

Complementing the platform on the base is another on the roof, all held together by a series of tubes. Users also get a few gun mounts, padded seats, and more. There’s even a tail light and reflector set-up, implying that this beast could be road worthy.

Up the front the Prius gets a Warn winch and a comprehensive bull bar. The roof rack also comes with LED lighting and a top-mounted spare tyre — to go with the mud-terrain rubber situated on all four corners.

The somewhat ironic thing is that those wanting to hunt with a Toyota hybrid may not have to wait too long for something a little more appropriate for the outdoors.

Last week Toyota confirmed that it plans to release hybrid and fully electric versions of its iconic Hilux pick-up. While explaining that it has 15 electric cars would be coming down the pipe, Toyota added that it is also going to “bring electrification to the pickup truck lineup in the near future, including hybrid and BEV powertrains.”

Among other things, it’ll certainly make it harder for the deer and pigs to hear you coming…

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