MG reveals unhinged touring car racer for the road

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Words: Matthew Hansen
14 May 2021

While it might not be so known here, over in Europe MG has a bit of a reputation in the world of touring cars.

The marque is a regular in the British Touring Car Championship, both from its English-owned days as well as its new Chinese-ownership era. The firm also has its own TCR race car; the MG6 XPower.

Now, the firm appears to be branching out to appeal to enthusiasts with a kind of ‘race car for the road’ version of its TCR car, sporting the same name and what MG calls “the ultimate racing aesthetic”.

Based on the MG6 sedan, the XPower adds one of the more crazed body-kits to ever be attached to an economy car.

All of it looks to have been inspired by the TCR car, from the widened track and wheel arches, to the low and long front splitter, to the enormous stepped rear spoiler and diffuser combo. The grille, meanwhile, appears to have been ‘inspired’ by the Mercedes-AMG A 45.

A number of the visual changes appear to have practical uses. The vents behind the rear wheels, for example, will rid turbulent air out of the wheel wells. The wider track appears to host more aggressive rubber. And the brake package appears to have been beefed up (while copping some green paint in the process).

I approach these points with caution because MG hasn’t actually confirmed anything about the XPower’s performance. There’s no information about what engine is poised under the bonnet, what changes have been made to its suspension, how quick it is … nothing.

Instead MG’s comments seemingly focus only on the model’s looks. On top of the earlier reference to aesthetics, MG also called the XPower a “beast” in its overseas press release.

One hopes that this is just a language barrier situation, or perhaps performance numbers are still on the way, but cynics will suspect that the model is an appearance package and nothing more.

While there are a couple of grey-import MG6 examples in New Zealand, the nameplate has never been offered here. It has, however, been offered over the ditch to mixed reviews. It was given a handsome update in 2016 and a refresh in 2020, with buyers able to choose between a turbocharged 1.5 or 2.0-litre, or a plug-in hybrid.

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