Mercedes to kill C 63’s V8?

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Words: Nile Bijoux
18 Oct 2019

Mercedes-AMG is allegedly considering completely ditching its iconic V8 for the next generation of C 63, replacing it with a hybrid-assisted turbocharged four-cylinder. This is gonna go down well.

The report comes from Autocar UK, which says AMG will use its new 310kW/510Nm M139 four-cylinder engine with a mild hybrid system to at least match the 370kW of today’s C 63. The electrical system will apparently be similar to the one found in the AMG ‘53 series.

Additional details include a battery with a higher capacity than that of the 0.9kWh found in the CLS 53 4Matic+, with a more advanced energy recuperation system that absorbs energy at each wheel.

However, don’t think that all of Mercedes-AMG is happy with the decision (should it be true). Lawrence Allan, news editor for Autocar, tweeted that Mercedes-AMG boss Tobais Moers "walked out of the boardroom when this was decided."

The new C 63 will also make the transition to all-wheel-drive with a selectable ‘Drift Mode’ that locks out the front wheels for rear-drive only. We knew this was coming as Moers confirmed a few months ago that all AMG models will eventually have all-wheel-drive exclusively.

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